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So I fell off teh Earth - A waste of webspace
So I fell off teh Earth
1st of all:

LIERRE I got my arts! I love them very very much! Thank you!!!

As for the rest, well, I'm still pregnant. I had some pretty nasty morning sickness the first 14 weeks or so, never puked, but was in a constant state of nausea. Like I was on a damn boat every single day.

Now, I'm too large to effectivly use my laptop in it's current set up, and sitting it on the coffee table and leaning over to type is also incredible uncomfy after about 5 min. So, I haven't been online much. We are moving at the end of the week and I'm hoping to take over a corner of the dining room or living room and set my desk back up and see if that helps the computer usage. It's too the point that I don't even use photoshop or update my flickr account anymore and that makes me a sad panda.

I did pass my diabetes test! Woohoo!! I ate smore's for dinner! HAHAHA! I got about 11 weeks of this to go, and I have to say I'm anxious to push this little lady the hell out of me so I can get my damn body back. I want to call bollocks on all the ladies who have told me they "looooouuuuuved being pregnant." Yeah kiss my ass, I'm hating almost every minute of it, and I won't be happy until she's in my arms and can stop kicking my organs/muscles/ribs/cervix/whatever the hell else is in there.

Other than that I work alot and so does Phil, which we're thankful for since many people we know are unemployed right now. We're also thankful we didn't buy a house this spring, since we would prolly be broke and foreclosing by now. Go go apartments! That's about all! I know I don't post much, but in all honesty I have nothing to say! I do check my friends page every day.

I'm off to get myself a giant glass of ice water. Srsly, that's all I have cravings for...well that and strawberries. Mmmm strawberries.
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sareth From: sareth Date: May 24th, 2009 01:28 pm (UTC) (Link)
WAH! A CoryRain! Haihai!


I've never understood what seems so pleasurable about being pregnant either. My wife loved it (to the point she was half regretful when i got snipped. I think she's insane. FOUR KIDS AREN'T ENOUGH? Eeeeeeeeeh...) but really, your descriptions sound bang on about what *I* think about the whole thing.

(Though I admit there is something sexy about a pregnant woman sometimes...)

Welcome to the final trimester, good luck with the move, and get lots and lots of sleep, cause when she shows up, you and Phil won't get much ever again. ^_^
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